Combi filters

Combi filters come in baffle, mesh, activated carbon and zeolite variants, and are typically used in commercial kitchen hoods. Depending on their component parts, they are ideal for filtering grease particles, vapors, oil mists or unpleasant odors in the food preparation industry. They can also be used in industrial processes in general. These filters are installed at an angle, generally 45° to 60°, to allow grease to drain into the hood’s collection channel.

  • FAK-FL combi filters
(FL-A baffle + mesh)

    FAK-FL combi filters (FL-A baffle + mesh)

    • Made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel
    • Suitable for use in industrial kitchens
    • High-efficiency grease filtration
    • 1 thick baffle filter
    • 0,79 thick, 6-layer mesh filter
    • Easy-to-remove baffle filter
    • Baffle filter and mesh filter dishwasher safe at high temperature