Baffle filters

Baffle filters are typically used in commercial kitchen hoods. Heavier-than-air grease particles strike and adhere to the baffles inside the filters. Baffle filters are suitable for filtering grease vapors and oil mists in the food industry. They can also be used as dust filters in industrial processes. These filters are installed at an angle, generally 45° to 60°, to allow grease to drain into the hood’s collection channel. Baffle filters are safe to use and easy to clean and do not allow grease to drip on to food or equipment beneath.

  • Fire stopper
baffle filters

    Fire stopper baffle filters

    • Suitable for use in industrial kitchens
    • High-efficiency filtration and low pressure drop
    • Dishwasher safe at high temperature
    • Standard thickness 1,8, standard folding handles
    • Made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel


    • With a low overall static pressure drop, it contributes to energy savings while minimizing noise disturbance
    • Mechanical Flame Barrier Protection ensures safety in kitchen environments
    • Perfect for retrofit applications reducing maintenance cycles and for New Open Space Designs. Its aesthetically elaborated bright finish complements modern commercial kitchen designs
    • SIFIM Components & Solutions filters are safe and easy to maintain using high-temperature dishwashers and approved detergents